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Shoe Styles - Sneakers

The following images are examples of shoes we've made for other clients. We offer them as suggestions or jumping-off points for your shoes, rather than as a selection of styles to choose from. You may find a picture of exactly the shoe you're looking for here. More likely, you'll get an idea that you can combine with others to design your own unique shoes.

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High Petite Classic High Shorty Bubble-toe Classic
Petite Classic with Texas Applique Miniature Spear Sneakers with Patches Miniature Spear Sneakers Petite Old Style Classic
Hornets Mascot (special) Hornets Mascot (special) Petite Classic Petite Lollipop with Blow-out
Shorty Classic Shorty Classic Shorty Old-style Classic Shorty Old-style Classic
High Petite Canoe Classic High Miniature Canoe Spear High Miniature Canoe Spear High Petite Canoe Spear
High Shorty Canoe Classic High Shorty Canoe Classic High Shorty Canoe Classic X-High Petite Lollipop Classic
X-High Petite Canoe Classic High Petite Canoe Spear High Miniature Canoe Spear X-High Miniature Canoe
Orioles Mascot Special X-High Petite Lollipop Classic Low Street Special High Miniature Canoe Spear

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