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Gilligan on his unicycle

Gary "Gilligan" Spear has been an accomplished unicyclist since the age of thirteen. Growing up in Springfield, MA, he and his brothers could frequently be seen riding around the streets of their neighborhood. When the other kids walked to raise money for charity, Gary rode his unicycle.

It was probably inevitable that Gary should grow up to be a clown. There was (and still is) and active clown unit in the Melha Shriners' Temple within a few blocks of Gary's childhood home. It couldn't help but be an influence on him as the clowns took part in every parade.

Gary attended the Ringling Brothers' Clown College, graduating in 1982. In 1983, he was hired by Ringling Brothers Circus and spent several months traveling with the Red Unit. He was young and found life on the road exciting, but soon became homesick for the closeness of his family.

Gilligan's Wheels

Back home, Gilligan became a local favorite at corporate functions and grand openings. Later, he joined the Melha clown unit, where he remains an active member, as well as the local C.O.A. Alley. He has been involved in the Spear Specialty Shoe Company, as advisor and occasional member of the production and sales staff.

Since 2005, Gary has been involved in designing and building bicycles, tricycles and unicycles for clowns, under the name "Gilligan's Wheels". His creations are available at the Costume Closet, 666 Belmont Avenue, Springfield MA.

In the summer and fall of 2007, Gary traveled as a goodwill ambassador to China twice at the invitation of the Chinese government. There he entertained crowds to whom the concept of clowning was brand new. He and the rest of his entourage were received enthusiastically.

The following is a small gallery of photos from one of his trips to China:

Gilligan on his tiny bike Gilligan on his unicycle
Gilligan on his tiny bike Boxing match

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